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Toko T14 iron

Picture of Toko T14 iron
The Toko T14 iron was actually designed as a ski wax iron. It has all of the features that make it the absolute best fabric iron on the market. We highly recommend this iron for all aircraft fabric covering.


Aviation Art Digital Iron

Picture of Aviation Art Digital Iron
Digital close quarters covering iron used for tacking fabric into EkoBond, working fabric around structure and shrinking small areas.


Paint Strainer combo pack

Picture of Paint Strainer combo pack
Paint Strainer combo pack includes 50 Blue 120 micron strainers for topcoats, and 50 Yellow 190 micron strainers for EkoFill, EkoPrime, or EkoPoxy. Using Blue strainers for the primers may remove some of the solids in those products.


Paint Strainer, Yellow 190 micron, 100ea/sleeve

Picture of Paint Strainer, Yellow 190 micron, 100ea/sleeve
Elite strainer, synthetic extra fine yellow mesh, 190 Micron Sleeve = 100

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