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EkoBond is a water based glue for Dacron/Polyester fabrics
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EkoBond is a revolutionary water based cement for the application of fabric.  EkoBond has extreme bond strength for fabric to fabric and fabric tonon-fabric surfaces in both peel and shear tests. 

EkoBond is user friendly since it has little odor and can be used in a closed shop with no health or fire hazards. 

EkoBond is EPA compliant, non-hazardous, non-flammable and low in odor.

The linen colored EkoBond was developed for use in the cabin area of aircraft where there is no interior and you see the back side of the fabric. For antique aircraft and biplanes it gives the classic look of a cotton or linen covered aircraft when viewed from the inside of the aircraft.
The fabric and tapes are applied normally with the linen colored EkoBond. Then you dilute the linen colored EkoBond up to 10% with distilled water and brush or roll a coat into the weave of the fabric from the out side. Then a crosscoat of the white EkoPrime is sprayed on to lock in the linen color. The white EkoPrime is followed up by 3 crosscoats of EkoFill before the top coat paint is applied. 
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EkoBond Linen Color
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