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PA18 D Window

Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013 2:21 AM Quote
What advise can you give for putting fabric around the D window on a PA18?
Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013 9:39 AM Quote
First recommendation is that you don't glue to the out side surface of the window frame. It looks UGLY when people do that, just being honest.

What most builders do is open up the channel slightly with a paint mixing stick so that it's about 3/16" open.

-Brush EkoBond into the inside of the channel, let first coat dry then apply a second one and let dry
-Shrink fabric to 250 deg
-From the inside use a pensile and trace the I.D. of the "D" window onto the fabric. This is your edge marker of where the fabric should wrap around the frame and into the channel. You will be able to see it from the out side of the fabric.
-Brush about a 3/8" wide glue stripe around the pensile line from the inside and wipe off the excess. This is to seal the weave of the fabric.
-Cut out the inside of the "D" leaving about a 3" of fabric to the pensile line, they get closer together as you go around the tighter radius of the window frame.
-Cut slits in the fabric down to within about 3/16" of the pensile line. DO NOT cut to the line or you will see the cut as you wrap the fabric into the channel.
-Brush a thin 1" wide light coat of glue on the inside of the fabric only working about 6" at a time around the inside of the frame
-Using a paint mixing stick shove the fabric down into the channel holding onto the tail end. Push the fabric hard into the bed layer of glue you previously put in the channel
-Let dry and shove a clean paint stir stick down in the channel pushing hard against the frame shoving the fabric into the bed layer of glue even more.
-Use a razor blade to trim off the tails of the fabric down at the bottom of the channel

I have a smoothed out, polished 1/8" by 1" wide by about 12" long piece of steel that I heat up with a heat gun and use like a thin iron to shove in the channel and improve the bond of the fabric to the channel after the glue is all dry.

Most people do not put any tapes around the D windows.