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White EkoFill

Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 8:53 AM Quote
   I am just starting to brush the Ekoprime and I plan to finish with a coat of white Ekoprime prior to top coat.  Would I still use the four sprayed crosscoats of the dark Ekoprime prior to the white?  Would I do the final sanding before or after the white (or both)?
Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 12:48 PM Quote
I think you mean that you just started to brush in the first coat of EkoFill.

Yes you need a total of 3 x-coats of EkoFill to provide the full UV block that the FAA wanted to see.

White EkoFill is not used in lieu of the grey Ekofill but instead used on top as a white base for bright colors like red/yellow/blue

You can also use the white EkoPrime which I like better. It cover faster and sands better.

Grey EkoFill and the EkoPrime are like whole milk, white EkoFill is like skim milk. White EkoFill must be sprayed on lighter/dryer initially to avoid pooling, sags, runs

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 8:20 AM Quote
Hi Jason,
    Since I already had some of the white Ekofill I started using it.  I see what you mead about not covering well.  I surely will not have enough for both wings.  I also have white Ekoprime on hand.  The can says "not for use on fabric".  Should I take that to mean as a filler/UV barrier, but it is ok to use as a white undercoat?
    My Cygnet wings are mainly to get a feel for working with your products.  My other project is a Hatz biplane.  My current color choices are cream with red trim for the wings with the fuselage mostly red.  How does the cream color work over gray Ekofill?  I know that the red would want to go over the cream or a white undercoat.
Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012 1:44 AM Quote
The "not for use on fabric" warning on the label of the EkoPrime is there so that it is not used "In Lieu" of the grey UV blocking EkoFill.

After the 3 x-coats of grey EkoFill for UV and fire protection have been applied if you need a white base for your colors you can use either the white EkoFill or the white EkoPrime. I prefer the white EkoPrime since it covers much better. White EkoFill must be fogged on very light or the white solids in the resin float away from edges of the pinks or rib stitching when sprayed out heavy. White EkoFill is also much more likely to run when sprayed out heavy. The carbon that is used in the grey EKoFill acts like a binder between the solids and the resin. There is no carbon in the white ekofill.

Cream/White EkoPoly goes over the grey EkoFill just fine. Only use a white base when shooting bright colors. You want a contrast when painting so don't put white paint over white primer.

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:32 PM Quote
Hi Jason,
    That is what I was hoping to hear.  You are spot on whit the issues with white Ekofill, found out for myself.