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Fabric recommendation?

Posted: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 12:52 PM Quote
First off, which of the specs listed for this fabric:

is correct?

Secondly, any recommendations/preferences between Ceconite 102-3 med. weight and Superflite 102 med. fabric?  (or something else)

Aircraft is a Little Toot biplane with O-290; anticipate some mild aerobatics.

Posted: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 3:23 PM Quote
thanks for the heads up- I fixed the picture and details on the Ceconite 102-3 fabric.

The difference is the Ceconite fabric changed with the -3 version and became heavier and starchy feeling and it's a bit more difficult to get the wet goods to penetrate the weave. It also shrinks more than it used to and tighter. The medium 102-3 went from 2.7 to 3.2 oz fabric and the strength went up as well. The new Ceconite 102-3 medium is jut about as strong as the old 101 heavy.

The newer Ceconite 101-3 heavy fabric is now very heavy and is very hard to get any wet goods to penetrate the weave. Even solvent based covering systems need to have the glues and dope/polybrush thinned down a bit more to get good penetration of the weave. We decided not to sell the Ceconite heavy fabric because of this.

Superflite fabric is about as close to the original type of Ceconite fabric as you can buy. It's still silky and light feeling and soaks up wet goods like a sponge. It shrinks properly at the 250-300-350 temps and should not cause deformation of light weight structures. It is still 2.7 oz fabric. Superflite fabric also shrinks and pulls very evenly in both the warp and fill directions of the weave.

Regarding finishing tapes I prefer to use the light weight pinked tapes. They soak up the glue much better and lay down smother than the medium weight finishing tapes. Since our finish is so thin the light weight tapes are not as pronounced when through the finish coat. You will still see the pinked edges they are just not as "PROUD" as when using medium weight tapes. It requires many coats of EkoFill and lots of sanding to hide even the light tapes with our system.