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Proper mixing ratios by weight

Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 12:07 AM Quote
I know I just sent an email with the question but I thought it would be good for all to know

Paint can I got had a sticker with the following instructions on the lid

Divide weight Part A by 3.3 to get Part B
Divide weight Part A by 3.0 to get water

I also know your latest Mixing Eko-poly video also says 3.0 for the water

The manual and several other videos say the following

Part A / 3.3  =  Part B
Part A / 2.75 = water

So which one is correct?
Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:54 PM Quote
The base resin viscosity changes from time to time so always follow the information on the paint can. Also temperature will effect viscosity so keep that in mind. The resin to catalyst ratio is always 3:1 by volume (divide part A by 3.3 to measure by weight) The only function of the water is to reduce the catalyzed paint to a sprayable viscosity. The recommended division factor on the water is just a recommendation and will get you close to the proper viscosity of 20-23 seconds through an M50 viscosity cup. Since everyone has different application techniques and equipment and is spraying in different temp/humidity ranges you may find that you like the paint just a little bit lower or higher viscosity. It does not take much water at all to change the viscosity so do not make drastic changes.