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tapes and doilies

Posted: Monday, October 3, 2011 1:07 PM Quote
Here are some pictures showing different ways to tackle installation of tapes and doilies over technical areas. If you have any photos to share for this thread please email them to us and I'll add them in.


It's easier to make paper patterns for tricky areas like gear fitting before cutting the doily out of fabric. Some tricky areas like gear fittings work better if you make the doily in 2 pieces.  Always pre-coat the area to be trimmed with glue and wipe off the excess before cutting. This keeps the edge from fraying out and getting ugly.

Lay your grommet over the fabric and trace an outline. Pre-coat both the fabric and the bottom of the grommet and let tack up before pressing together

Note* edges of doily trimmed to provide a uniform perimeter around grommet.

Cut the inside of a doily over square grommets so that the fabric will lay down and fit tight against the inside edge. Round the outer corners to give a professional look

I use 3" tape on the LE of the vert fin and 2" tape down the top center stringer of the fuse. The transition area at the base of the fin needs a tape that can stretch so I lay a scrap piece of fabric on a bias over the area and trace lay out some pencil lines connecting the 2 existing tapes. Then I pre-coat and cut out my custom finishing tape that joins the two existing tapes together.

Here I take half of an inspection ring and use it as a doubler where the brake line exits the bottom fabric near the front gear attach fitting. Next I'll put a fabric doily over this area.

And here again I use part of an inspection ring grommet cut down and heat formed into a tighter radius as a doubler where the fuel lines enter the cabin in the wing root area. This will also get a fabric doily over it.

Posted: Monday, September 7, 2015 7:56 PM Quote
The Procedures Manual states that reinforcement patches are applied after the first shrink at 250 degrees.  Reinforcement tapes are added after the final shrink.

The pictures above show patches being applied on surfaces that already have the tapes in place.

So, does it really matter when the patches are placed on the fabric?
Posted: Monday, September 7, 2015 8:26 PM Quote
Misspoke.  Surface tapes - not reinforcing tape.