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Air bubbles in finish

Posted: Monday, February 8, 2016 9:34 AM Quote
I own a small fabric/paint business in FL.  A customer bought a Champ project with the fuselage painting finished and trimmed.
After a couple of days of high humidity, we noticed the finish on the fuselage had many small air bubbles.  Some as large as 1/8 in. diameter but most very small.  These were not there when we inspected the fuselage at delivery.  The fuselage has been completed over 2 years.  What would cause this?  How can it be fixed?  How do we prevent this?  We still have to put the finish on the wings and tail feathers.
Posted: Saturday, February 20, 2016 9:47 AM Quote
Occasionally we  see this happen on the old EkoPoly paint in very high humidity conditions.  What is happening is that there are microscopic pores in the paint caused from dust particles and such.  It just the right conditions those will wick moisture in to them and create a blister.  All you need to do to correct that is to get it good and dry again and they will disappear.  To fix it permanently, you can either put a coat of automotive wax on it, or, better yet, top coat it with EkoPoly Premium.  When we changed the formula in 2013 to EkoPoly Premium that issue was eliminated.  If you are getting ready to do the wings, do not use the old EkoPoly.  Use EkoPoly Premium.

Andy Humphrey A&P
Stewart Systems Tech Support