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Large Inspection panel

Posted: Sunday, June 21, 2015 2:35 PM Quote
The Stewart's video demonstrates the first step to install a large inspection panel made from .020 aluminum on the right side of the Piper fuselage. The aluminum frame is glued to the INSIDE of the fabric then he describes cutting out the fabric and folding the ends of fabric over the aluminum. He gestures folding the fabric outwards, which makes no sense since the aluminum frame is on the inside. If done this way it would pull the fabric away from the aluminum. He further describes cutting a doily and gluing it over the cut out and folding it inwards. The fuselage chapter of the video ends without demonstrating how this large panel is finished.

Anyone know the correct process for finishing off the inspection panel when the frame is glued inside the fuselage?
Posted: Monday, September 7, 2015 12:21 AM Quote
I put my inspection plates inside of the fabric and did not have any problems.

I glued the left side in place after the first shrink.  Access was easy since the right side was not covered.  I put glue on the non-fabric side of the plate.  After the glue dried I cut out the fabric leaving enough room to fold the fabric to the INSIDE of the plate.

The right side was a bit more difficult but not by much.  After the fabric was placed on the right side the plate was put into place through the hole in the left side.  It was a bit messy getting it into place.  Take your time.  Depending on the size of your plate you may have to make a single cut in the plate to get it into place.  You should have enough room in the left side to hold the right side until the glue dries.  

Put glue the non-fabric side of the right plate.  After the glue dries, cut the fabric so it can be folded onto the glue on the INSIDE of the plate.

Let me know how it goes.