Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 8:02 PM Quote
I found conflicting information in the instructions and would like some clarification.  The directions for EcoPrime state:  "EkoPrime dries fast and can be dry sanded 20-30 minutes after spraying. It can be top-coated 2-3 hours after spraying at 75 deg F. "  

The directions for EcoPloy/ EcoCrylic state: "Over EkoPrime or EkoPoxy wait 4 hours @ 75 deg F. before painting."

So, which is it?  Can EcoCrylic be safely sprayed over Ecoprime after only 2 hours or must it be longer?  This will mean the difference between getting both coats done in one day vs. 2 days for me.  I'll wait longer if it is required but I don't want to delay unnecessarily.