Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 8:06 AM Quote
I'm trying to decided between three compressors.  

1.  Quincy 5-HP 60-Gallon Two-Stage QT Pro Model: 2V41C60VC
CFM @ 90 PSI:  15.4

2.  Ingersoll Rand 5-HP 60-Gallon Single-Stage Model: SS5L5
CFM @ 90 PSI:  18.1

3.  Puma 6.5-HP 60-Gallon (Belt Drive) Single-Stage Model PK7060V
CFM @ 90 PSI:  19.5

I'll be covering and painting a Just Highlander airplane and plan to buy a Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP gun for use.  The Quincy probably has the edge on reliability/longevity, but the other two offer more CFM.  Anyone have any recommendations?