Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2014 4:00 PM Quote
I'm having to replace much of the rib lacing on my plane (mice).  The fabric and paint are in good shape, so I'm repairing rather than recovering.  The original covering is Ceconite 7600 (blue river, which I understand is a predecessor to Stewart, with an automotive acrylic enamel topcoat.
It's an experimental, so no STC compliance to worry about.

Anyway, I've done new rib lacing through the original finishing tapes.  I now need to cover the stitches.  My initial thought was to use Oratex finishing tapes since that can be used over other systems and requires no additional paint, but I'm still waiting for the samples.  So what about SS?  The idea is to glue dollar patches over each new stitch with ekobond right over the enamel, then ekofill, followed by the enamel topcoat.  The rationale for the dollar patches rather than a full tape strip is if one lets go it won't take the rest of the rib with it.

Any reason why I shouldn't do it this way, or a better method?  Should I use leftover 7600 fabric which is pre-filled, or ordinary ceconite fabric which i also have some of?