Posted: Thursday, September 15, 2011 12:52 PM Quote
It's extremely important to first use a mechanical type thermometer to calibrate your irons. The Digital type need to be adjusted for the surface they are being used on and can be as much as 100 deg off right out of the box. Use either a mercury type candy thermometer or a bimetallic spring type like the "Coverite" pocket thermometer. It is good practice to always use the same extension cord and wall outlet with your iron. Once you know where 250-300-350 degrees are Follow the instructions that came with your digital inferred thermometer to calibrate it so that it will indicate the proper temp for the surface of your iron.

I prefer to go to thrift stores like the Good Will and buy the old fashion type irons with the cloth cords and heavy sole plates. Usually the old irons are the best and they hold temp quite well and have a nice smooth stainless sole plate with minimum steam holes in the bottom. Normally they sell for about $8-10.