Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 6:59 PM Quote

I just finished priming one wing (all metal) for my Aeronca Sedan and have some questions.  I sprayed the EkoPrime diluted with 10% water by volume.  It was sprayed with a Tekna gun with a 1.3 tip and a HE10 cap.  Temp was 75 Degrees and humidity was 45-50%.  I ended up with a finish that is about like 150 grit sand paper.  I have very dry air to the gun via a membrane water separator.  I did have a problem applying a fog coat that was tacky.  It seemed to dry on the surface almost instantly.

As I have another wing to paint, and in the future another airplane, I would like to produce a finish that needs less sanding.  I suspect that I need to open the fluid needle some more to get more primer, and thus a wetter film, on the surface that can flow out smoother.  Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Also, using a red scotch bite pad gets a reasonably smooth surface, maybe like 800 or 100 grit paper.  Using 320 sandpaper produces a very smooth surface but also makes bare any rivet heads that I accidentally hit with it.  How smooth of a finish do I need?  What is the best way to touch up any rivet heads that had the primer sanded through?  Can EkoPrime be dabbed onto them?

I posted this here rather than call as I figured others may have the same questions.

Thanks in advance,

John Poulter