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Shelf life for glue and Hot spots on an old iron.

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 3:36 PM Quote
I am about to finish a 90 % complete flying wing and then begin building another larger flying wing.

I would like to buy the glue in 1 gallon containers.

What would be the shelf life on the remaining glue from covering the first flying wing??  It would be some time before I would get to the covering stage of the 2nd flying wing.

I just picked up an old heavy iron with a cloth cord. I plugged it in and then check the temperature after it had heated up for 15 minutes. Outside of the 1st row of steam holes the temp was 225 degrees. the area between the two lines of steam holes was 260 degrees , and the center of the iron was 220 degrees.  I was getting ready to toss it , but I thought I would ask what you thought about using it  for shrinking 1.8 oz fabric .  

Thanks a million ,

Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 12:58 AM Quote
Do not use inferred digital point and shoot thermometers to calibrate your iron,  Always use a mechanical thermometer.  If it truly does not get to 350 deg don't use it.

Glue has a 1 year warranty but we have often used glue that was more than 5 years old.  Just keep the glue from freezing and keep it tightly sealed.

Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 7:05 AM Quote
I didn't have the iron turned up to max and I used an infra red temp gun to see  in the iron was heating up evenly over all of its surface.

I ordered a mechanical temp indicator and I will check it correctly when I do get it.

Thank you for the prompt response.