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Adding Access Panel after Ecofil

Posted: Thursday, December 26, 2013 9:33 AM Quote
What would be the best way to add an access panel or inspection ring/ hole after the first coat of ecofil.   I have a 4 inch inspection ring at the elevator linkage on the fuesalage and after test fitting the elevator there is not enough room for me to access the linkage without great difficulty.   I was thinking of making a 6" ring and putting it around the old ring and cutting the old ring out.   Will the ecobond work ontop of the ecofil for this.  And what would you make the inpection ring from, Aluminium or should I find sheet of CAB plastic?


Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 10:16 PM Quote
Just glue on a grommet like you would to bare fabric. A few coats of EkoFill won't make a difference. After its on and the fabric doubler has been glued down and everything is ironed down smooth you can spray EkoFill right over it and keep going.  If you need to make a custom size grommet you can use thin lexan or .025 aluminum.  If you have not cut out the center of the ring yet I would use acetone to soften up the glue and peel the old ring off and move it before making a bigger one.  It's not going to look very good having a 6" ring on the side of the fuse. If needed make it a rectangle type grommet.